Thursday, September 3, 2009

First foods for 4-9 months old infant

Introduce solids when your baby is not too starving or tired, and you are relaxed. Start with rice cereal mixed with breast milk or formula, a nutritional supplement or cooled boiled water, to formulate it smooth and wet and easy to digest. Sliced and mashed carrot, apple, or potato, moistened with the identical liquids, without any lumps, is ideal at this stage. Peel vegetables and fruit cautiously, and remove all pits. Then vaporize or poach, or grind.
Stick to fresh foods that can be mashed or minced to the quality of smooth cottage cheese. Add liquid or yogurt to help you to attain this texture. Peel fruit or vegetables vigilantly, removing any pits and strings. Trim off fat and skin from fish or meat, and grill or poach, where likely. Remove any bones and shred dexterously. Shapes made from cheese or bananas, and some bread, are idyllic to suck and eat. If in doubt, talk about new foods and problems with your pediatrician. From the 8th month, you can begin chunkier textures, so try chopping food rather than mashing. Cook and set up food as for a younger baby. Take in foods such as toast, homemade lasagna, chopped-up chicken, and soups. It is good to keep giving great quantity of finger foods and nutritional diet.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day-care centers and Nursery

If you are putting your baby in a crèche or day-care centre, see that it is well-located, spotless and that the lady in charge likes to look after children. It is so fundamental that every parent take sufficient time to choose the right place to leave the baby. Babies are so delicate that they need overall concern and good amenities in the crèches. The crèche must offer interesting and appropriate toys for the children. It should house good air, light and ample space for babies and adults. Staff working with the play school has to make sure that they wash their hands with soap and water after changing nappies and before handling food. The crèche must be a situate of high safety standards, with at least one staff member trained in first aid and supplied with adequate first aid material. The crèche must also hold on to each baby emergency phone numbers and medical information. Remember if your child is energetic and healthy, it is well looked after. If he is bad-tempered and cranky when left as a crèche, it means he has not adjusted to his new environment. Look into the matter and strive and see things from your child’s perspective. Give your child fine care even though it costs a little more. This is better than all the riches you will bestow him later.