Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Other than, flanked by parental concern and the inborn conservatism of the teaching career, fashion treads gradually at school. School fashions are motionless self-effacing, with miniskirt hem under the knee. There wasn't a lot of change stuck between school clothes of the Fifties and near the beginning Sixties; administrator merely wouldn't permit it. However trends and revelry styles tainted; jeans and mini-skirts appear. Hippies wear jeans, granny skirt, and big boots, T-shirts with letters, love beads and sandals. Macramé handbags, ponchos as well as added ethnic-inspired fashions abound. Girl Hippies' hair style is extended and directly; girls with curly or wavy hair moreover comb perm fluid from end to end it or ironed it level and sleek. Hippies didn't bear makeup, apart from maybe a number of fruit-flavored lip shine; several took to wash at longer interval, in response to the reserved hygiene of the concern.