Saturday, September 19, 2009

Baby car seat and High chair

You will almost certainly need two different types of car seat in your baby’s first two years, depending on his height and size. Rearward facing seats in the front or rear of your car are for infants up to 20lb and that is equivalent to 9kg. They have an incorporated harness with crotch strap for protection. Forward facing seats with a five-point harness are suitable for infants from 20-40lb and that is from 9-18 kg. Combined types are also quite reasonably priced to purchase. You can also pay money for combined types. Rear-facing seats can be protected with an approved lap and shoulder seat belt in a back seat. Many come with a built-in handle for trouble-free lifting. When baby is slumbering, do not use these seats in passenger seats with air bags. There are toddler seats that are weighty chairs to reflect the growing weight and size of your baby. They have built-up side wings for additional protection. Secured fittingly, they can be used in either the front or back seat.
Once the baby is sitting up you will require a highchair. One has to make certain that the high chair is powerful and unproblematic to keep uncontaminated. Natural wood or reinforced plastic are all right. Your choice should have a removable plastic tray that can be opened with one hand. The tray must be big and have a rim. Check for a resolutely attached safety strap with integral crotch strap. Table seats are perfect for traveling and they can be securely attached to a table top. If it is a foldaway model, they can crinkle away compactly and are very useful if space is tight.