Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cow’s milk and solid foods

Breast milk is the most excellent nutrition supplement to feed on for the baby than anything else. It is highly suggested to feed the baby with breast milk to begin with and continue for few months. When the baby is nearing the conclusion of a year, it will be better to start with fat rich cow’s milk. One can give food to the same with a lidded beaker.
Although cow’s milk, the nutrition supplement is not the usual food for your baby, it can be given. Cow’s milk is so composed that it contains a very negligible quantity of iron and sugar. Also, the proteins make hard to digest solid curds in the baby’s stomach causing digestion to be a little difficult. It also contains too much of a number of minerals, such as salt and sodium; these can reason constipation, hence give a lot of water to the baby fed with cow’s milk.
The perfect time to start the baby on solid foods is when he is between four and six months old. In actual practice, your baby’s weight, hunger and feeding pattern are the general indicators on when to begin with the baby on solid foods. Solids may source colic, food allergies, eczema and early preferences for salty or sweet foods. Solid foods give calories but overload calories may cause undesirable weight gain. In any case, it is only the nutrition supplement but not the solid foods that assist baby to sleep through the night.


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