Thursday, October 22, 2009

Selfless Desire

In both men and women, especially in women, there is a bottomless desire to reproduce their own kind. This is not a creation of communal conditioning. The satisfactions and creative opportunities are well recognized. A woman bears the tenderness caused by the pains of labor, but she forgets them in the joy of construction. She is fundamentally not the object of man’s desire, but is the mother, the creator, the leader. It is the benefit of a mother to bring up her children, to help them to build up their distinctive gifts, physical and mental, ethical and spiritual. Treat your mother as a goddess and this is the order of the scriptures. Marriage without motherhood is deficient.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ethnic Conservators

Women are the great conservators of our ethnicity. They stick to the household ritual, cradle song and accepted poetry. A definite attitude of life is bound up with these. By the very excellence of their being, women are the missionaries of civilization. With their huge capacity for self-sacrifice they are the unquestioned leaders in life. A married life, where the wife enjoys the admiration of her husband and influence over her household, holds as much pride as the most esteemed of careers, because it gives her the chance to create, conserve and protect the most precious possessions of her motherland, namely, the children of the nation.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Addressing a Woman

In the entire world, the servitors of a family address the mistress of the house as mother. The total unfamiliar person addresses every female as mother. The deities of knowledge and wealth are represented in the images of beautiful women, as maternity incarnate. Before going on a voyage and on returning, most people touch the feet of their mothers. This apotheosis of motherhood is not the offbeat of a physical fact, but the glorification of the most sublime qualities of motherhood, of self-less loyalty, unquestioning love and complete self-abnegation. From a woman commendable of being called mother, the tradition expects perfect purity, faithfulness and unselfishness. These qualities have a beauty of their own, and the mother very often cares for no other aid to loveliness.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Religious Practices

In the obliteration of a family, the immemorial spiritual
rites of that family expire. On the destruction of theology, sinfulness overcomes the whole family. By the occurrence of impiety, the women of the family become dishonest; and women being tainted, there arises intermingling of castes. Confusion of castes leads to torture the slayers of the family, for their forefathers fall, dispossessed of the offerings of rice-ball and water. By these evil deeds of the destroyers of the family, which cause bewilderment of castes, the eternal religious rites of the caste and the family are destroyed. We have heard that inevitable is the house for an unknown period in hell for those men in whose families the religious practices has been destroyed.