Thursday, August 27, 2009

The jiffy stage of delivery

The temperament of the contractions of the uterus alters in this stage. The response of the mother to every contraction now is a wish to exert a force pushing the baby back. A woman who is experiencing her primary delivery, and who has absolutely no information about the sequence of events during a delivery, impulsively begins to take deep breaths at the very commencement of this stage, and tends to hold her breath at every contraction. She feels the push for defecate. She continues to support herself to endure the pain with deep breath till the baby emerges completely from the uterus. As the baby slides outward through the vagina, the mother experiences an immediate desire to grasp her own legs. Labor ends with the appearance of the baby from the vagina.
Now the fluids in the baby's mouth, nose and respiratory passages are unsoiled. After making sure that the baby is able to breathe on the whole, it is handed over to the mother. When the baby is thus to end with placed in her arms, the mother finds her heart flooded with a sense of triumph and relief, as she feels that she has gone through a number of trials and tribulations and has at last given birth to a brand new human being, her very own formation.


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