Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Process of Delivery

Every pregnant woman, particularly if it is going to be very first delivery, is anxious that she may not be able to judge the time of the onset of labor correctly, and that the delivery may take place suddenly, in unexpected circumstances. But as a matter of fact, these fears are groundless. The woman becomes conscious of the imminent delivery well in time. Certain signs always bearer of news the coming of the baby. The famous one is the discharge of a blood like fluid from the vagina. This discharge rather starts up abruptly. She can also feel the urination accompanied by soreness in the pelvic region. Sometimes there are blinking spasms of pain in the abdomen, otherwise described as the 'onset of labor'. The pain is owed to contractions of the uterus. Any one or more of the mentioned signs should prepare the mother-to-be to the fact that delivery is now about to happen, and she should hasten to the hospital without delay.
Delivery is a process in which the baby is pushed out of the uterus by contractions and relaxations of particular muscles. The whole period starting from the commencement of labor pains to the time after delivery when the fetus-bearing organs of the mother regain their unique shape and condition can be divided into an assortment of stages.


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