Friday, August 7, 2009

Confrontation to Viral Infections

It is vital to ascertain the powers of resistance of the mother-to-be to various viruses, so that treatment can be instituted in time if necessary. Failure to do so may prove dangerous for the baby. Infection with the virus of German measles can have a huge adverse effect on the baby. including quick weight loss. If the mother contracts this disease in the first three months of pregnancy, the effects on the baby can be grave enough to make termination of the pregnancy mandatory. It is therefore sensible to make sure before conception whether the woman intending to have a baby has a natural immunity to the disease, or if not, whether she has had the vaccine administered to her. In any case, no woman should reflect conception unless she is either naturally immune, or has been immunized, against this disease. It is a simple matter for a doctor to establish whether she is immune or not by testing her blood. If a woman is not unsurprisingly immune to the virus, all she has to do is to acquire such immunity by taking a vaccine. But she should take care to make sure that she does not conceive for at least three months after she has been immunized.


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