Monday, October 12, 2009

Baby’s nourishment and breast-feeding

Since others in the family and may be a warden will be involved with your baby’s feeds, and nutrition supplement, you need to make sure that your baby gets consistent, good nutrition every day. During the first year, chiefly during the first six months, breast milk or infant formula or cow’s milk is your baby’s main food. Breast milk is the preferred feed for a baby and should be continued for as long as achievable during the first year.
If your baby is on the bottle, teach the caretaker how to disinfect all equipment and prepare the baby’s feed. Highlight hygiene and spend time training and supervising the caretaker.
Many women productively combine breast feeding and working. You can breast-feed your baby before going to job, after coming back and at night. Some mothers can organize to breast-feed during breaks at work. If you cannot, you have to allow time for your baby to learn to take a supplemental nourish from a bottle. Waiting until you and your baby have had 3 or 4 weeks of successful nursing before introducing the supplemental feed helps you keep your breast-milk supply jam-packed. If you need to supplement before this, confer with your doctor for instruction.
By nursing regularly when you are at home, and expressing your milk at least once every 4 to 6 hours while you and your baby are apart, you can assist keep your full milk supply and free from symptom of alery and infection.


Breastfeeding is really good for babies that's why nurses and doctors recommend us to feed our baby as soon as possible after the birth..thank to god..

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