Thursday, July 23, 2009

Intuition of the parents

Some parents are under the intuition that children show no Symptom of psychological problems. The development of the intelligence and the emotions begins at the early age of three months. If the mother fails to be familiar with the moods and the behavior of the child, and fails to respond properly to them, acting according to her own fixed ideas, oblivious to the child's needs, the child feels a kind of resentment or allergy towards the mother. And this bitterness has the potentiality to grow into a distortion of its personality, a warping of its mind.
This should not be taken to mean that we must pander to every impulse of the child. But it does mean that we should try to appreciate its likes and dislikes, and be ready to guide them into more acceptable patterns. All the innate tendencies of the child should be given scope to develop properly, but it becomes essential to keep a balance, and to be prepared to give new directions to them, and perhaps in picky cases to resist them tactfully. Every child, like every grown-up person, needs definite external restrictions to be exercised over its behavior. If the parents impose too many limitations, the child develops a feeling of frustration and a kind of confidence. But if the parents do not force any restrictions at all, the child may become self-willed and obstinate. Wise parents must consequently exercise great discretion in matters of regulation and regulation of the child's behavior.


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