Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wish for Motherhood

Every woman has an innate and intense desire to attain motherhood, which is considered an important experience in life. Moreover, the woman has prepared herself for symptom ,emotionally to endure the labor pains. Accordingly most women beat the pains without screaming or crying, in many cases managing to smile willingly, and they even sit up on the delivery table regardless of the pain to obtain a sight of the baby. Moreover, to-day delivery has been rendered a very simple and straight forward process, what with pre-natal treatment, exercises, medical supervision, instruction in matters relating to pregnancy and childbirth, as well as all the contemporary facilities and methods of alleviating pain under diverse medical condition. It has therefore become a truly exciting and memorable event in the life of a woman.
Some people are apt to have a much overstated idea of the sufferings undergone by women at the time of delivery. If the mother-to-be has a narrow pelvis, or the child is a little too robust, or the labor is long-drawn-out because of other similar reasons, or if the woman just happens to be afraid of pain, she may say without giving serious thought to the matter, “Doctor, why go all the way through these troubles? Operation is indeed the paramount way to follow”. All these combine to give the feeling that delivery is an extremely painful experience. There is a saying that 'only a woman who has given birth is capable of accepting the travails of labor'.
If labor pains were as severe as they are made out to be, how many women would be prepared to undergo the incident a second time? Muscles and skin may rip under the tensions created during the process of deliver. In spite of all this, all mothers compromise that these pains are within the limits of endurance, may be by using nutrition supplement or by other aspects.


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