Thursday, January 14, 2010


One of the most significant parts of baby care is breast feeding. A mother's milk is the finest source of food for human babies. The care of a baby is very imperative for its growth and development. The care of a baby should be complete both efficiently and quietly. The quantity of care that is given to a baby really reflects in the later on stages of a person’s life. It builds the essential nature of a person. Therefore absolute care should be given to a baby. Every its needs should be satisfied expressively, physically and spiritually. If absolute care is not taken of the baby, the baby may not rise up to be a fit person or the person can have a variety of disorders in his later life. A baby is very frail. Almost something and every thing have a great impact on the baby. How a baby grows up is really prejudiced by its surrounds and the people around him. The first and the leading thing that should be noted is that the baby should be kept in a secure and safe environment. This means that if should be not too moist or damn as the baby might grab a cold. It is supposed to also be free from sharp objects. The smaller the medicines or antibiotics that are given to the baby the healthier it is.


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