Sunday, January 3, 2010


The majority experts suggest getting a flu vaccination as the top way to keep from contact the flu, but a lot of parents are wary of the shot since they fear it can really cause their children to get the flu. In fact, this is not factual. A flu vaccination can generate mild, flu-like symptom such as fever, but it should last for no longer than the first 48 hours following receiving the vaccination. If a child comes downward with a case of the flu soon after getting a vaccination then it is likely he or she was bare to the virus before the vaccination has time to construct up enough antibodies to clash it off. Because it can take just about two weeks for the flu vaccination to actually work, it is finest to take kids in the get vaccinated more than a few weeks before flu season pick up. Check with your doctor or pediatrician to realize which form of the vaccination they counsel for your kids based on their age and additional factors. Request your doctor concerning a flu vaccination that comes in the form of a nasal spray if your kids are frightened of shots.


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