Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Don’t smoke or but you previously do smoke, quit. Smoking is the foremost cause of heart attack and extra heart diseases as well as hypertension or high blood pressure. Start today to take steps to quit smoking from your life.Exercise, at slightest 30 minutes of reasonable physical doings such as walking or supplementary aerobic activities, on most days helps avoid heart disease. The thirty minutes is too extended for you, begin with 10-minute increment during the day. Boost your work outs time by 5 or 10 minutes each other week or as frequently as you fell easy. Judge it or not, before you are familiar with it, you’ll really look onward to your exercise time. Utilize alcohol only in self-control. Women should boundary themselves to one alcoholic drink per day. But my suggestion is, don’t drinking alcohol at all is even better.


Good Information..
I will tell my friends (smokers)..
Thank you Sir..

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